“through that which is seen”  wood, drywall, paint, found object, fabric, lights. 2013

              My work invites you to explore the mystery of the mundane and the minimalistic. Telling a story through clues and colors, while using light and space, this piece creates a visual lie. This becomes a piece that is meant to be overlooked and ignored, with unappreciated details and presence. Each room inside the work is based on a living space in an early modern art painting. The women from the paintings, and all other people (mostly children and other women) have been removed. Through the glaring absence of the human form I attempt to speak about what it means to see others and the private spaces we live in.

            I have curated a story that the viewer may not recognize but can still be appreciated for craft and content. The story, when viewing the actual paintings, is the life of one girl, living through her duties as a woman and mother through late 18th and early 19th century expectations. I use clothing and colors as clues to this story. Those with a basis of art history will hopefully appreciate the themes, while those who are not as knowledgeable in the arts will appreciate the craft and the investigative element of the work itself.

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